Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Fry Beef with Eggs & Tomato

Beef 114 g
Egg 2 pcs
Spring Onion 2 stalks
Tomato Sauce 2 tbsp
Fresh Tomato 500 g

Cornflour 1 tbsp
Water 2 tbsp

Seasoning 1:
Light Soy Sauce 1/2 tbsp
Sugar 1/4 tbsp
Cornflour 1 tbsp
Water 1/2 tbsp

Seasoning 2:
Salt 1/2 tbsp
Sugar 2 tbsp
Light Soy Sauce 1 tbsp

1) Whisk the eggs, chop the spring onion into few short pieces
2) Cut the beef into thin slices, marinate with seasoning (1) for 10 minutes
3) Stir fry with 2 tbsp oil still cook, set aside
4) Cut tomato into pieces, remove seeds
5) Stir fry the tomato with 1 tbsp oil, add 1/2 cup of water
6) Boil the tomato for 5 minutes in low heat, add the tomato sauce and seasoning (2)
7) Mix well, add the whisked egg without stirring until egg softly cooked
8) Add the cooked beef when the egg is cooked, mix well slowly
9) Add spring onion and sauce, mix gently & serve


This goes very well with plain steam rice. It has this tangy tomato taste which makes one wanna have 1 more serving of rice!!! Deliciously appetising (:

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