Thursday, September 21, 2006

Fresh Milk Mixed With Ginger Juice

Fresh Milk 1 litre
Ginger 1 pc
White sugar 5 tbsp

1) Peel, wash and grate ginger to make 8-10 tbsp of ginger juice
2) Filter the juice to get rid of pulps and divide equally into 4 bowls
3) Add sugar to ginger juice and mix them
4) Boil fresh milk, keep stirring till it's boiling and turn off the fire
5) Stir the milk slowly till it becomes a little cooler
6) Pour milk into each bowl quickly
7) Serve when milk curds (usually will take a few minutes)

Special Notes:
Grate the ginger only before use, or milk cannot be solidified
When milk is boiled, stir about 20 times slowly, it's right time to lower the temperature
Do not pause when pouring the milk into the bowls
Serve in hot temperature is better, or chilled for better feeling in Summer


Yet to try out this recipe.

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